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Training Day Details

We try to keep these as up to date an accurate as possible, but you may wish to check with individual organisers prior to attending. Please select the appropriate month from the drop down menu:-

Where the venue is known it will show in Google Maps. Individual training sessions can also be booked online via the appropriate link.

All training days supported by Motorsport UK are free of charge to all marshals - provision of lunch excepted

These are the known training sessions, by date:
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Date: 26 01 2019 Association of North Western Car Clubs (ANWCC)

Main Discipline:
Rally, Radio
Contact: Katy Mashiter,
email: info@mediachoices.co.uk,
Telephone: 07736346836
Venue: Warrington
Geographic Area: North West England
Primary Association: ANWCC

Date: 26 01 2019 Association of Eastern Motor Clubs (AEMC)

Main Discipline:
Rally, Radio
Contact: Clive Grounds,
email: clive@grounds.org.uk,
Venue: Cambridge (Regional College)
Geographic Area: South East England
Primary Association: AEMC

Date: 27 01 2019 Association of Northern Car Clubs (ANCC)

Main Discipline:
Rally, Radio
Contact: Bob Wright,
email: bob.wright1@virginmedia.com,
Telephone: 07860 866 935
Venue: Askham Bryan, York
Geographic Area: North East England
Primary Association: ANCC

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