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Radio Marshal / Controller / Coordinator - MSA Safety & Medical Frequency

Communications on Motor Sport Rallies in the United Kingdom are operated through the MSA Safety & Medical Frequency of 81.5750 MHz FM.

This is the MAIN frequency that is used for the successful running of various Motor Sports Association events throughout the country almost every weekend.

The chain of users consists of Radio Coordinators, Radio Controllers and the Stage Operators - Start Radio, In Stage Radios and the Finish Radio. All of these people have a very important part to play in the running of events, you too could be a part of these vital roles.

What would I have to do?

As a Start Radio Operator your duties would be to act as a liaison between the Stage Commander (the overall manager of the stage) and the Radio Controller (the person who controls all the radio operators within a stage) about issues concerning that specific stage, reporting on the cars that enter and the time they enter the stage as well as the total number of competitors who have started the stage. This can be a busy location but it is also fun.

As an In- Stage Radio Operator your duties are to monitor the competitors through the various junctions that you have been allocated, and report any incidents or lateness at your junction etc and basic stage safety issues that may occur. You will again communicate these through to the Radio Controller.

As a Finish Radio Operator your duties are to listen to what is in the stage you are on and liaise with the Marshals who are doing the timing etc with anything that may be relevant, i.e. cars who have problems the 1st car out with time, and the last 3 or 5 and time of last car with the total number of competitors who left the stage. This is also be a busy location, but again is fun.

The Radio Controller duties are wide and varied as are the duties of a Radio Coordinator. If you wish to progress from a Stage Radio Operator to a Controller or Coordinator there are a certain criteria that have to be met, but it is a good way to learn.

There are a number of other frequencies and networks that are also used in conjunction with 81MHz, but get familiar with this one first before trying the others.

If you are interested in becoming a Radio Marshal, either contact Volunteers in Motorsport by e-mailing support@volunteersinmotorsport.co.uk, calling us on 08450 94 00 94 (Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge) your Local Motor Club, or one of the Radio Coordinators throughout the Country.

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ZSAR Motor Sport Group
Main Disciplines:Rally, Radio
Geographic Area: West Midlands
Primary Association: AWMMC
Zulu Safety And Radio via the ZSAR callsign
Roger Whitehouse
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