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Motorsport UK Trainers   Specialist Officials


  • To be responsible for and provide support to all Motorsport UK Trainers, existing and future

  • To be responsible for the commissioning, creation and validation of all Motorsport UK marshals and officials training programmes

  • To liaise with Clerks, Stewards, Timekeepers and Scrutineers via the Volunteer Officials Advisory Panel (VOAP) in relation to training
  • To verify all training modules produced by others, including those commissioned by the TWG (excluding those of the Rescue Group unless specifically asked)

  • To provide support and strategic guidance to all other working groups and modular training programme lead officials

  • To support Officials Safety Training Programmes to satisfy Motorsport UK’s requirement to deliver FIA funded programmes

  • To provide input to Motorsport UK’s Seminar Team based on feedback from other training programmes



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